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The Surrey Langley SkyTrain will improve the transportation experience, increase access to opportunities and housing, support healthy communities and environment, and support economic development.

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Increase Transit Capacity

SkyTrain can help meet long-term ridership demand along key corridors. The proposed extension is projected to serve 62,000 daily riders in the year 2035 and grow to 71,200 riders in 2050. Approximately 24,000 to 30,000 of these trips will be made by those who switch to transit from other modes.

The extension will provide capacity to move 6,800 passengers per hour per direction — more than 10 times the capacity of bus service today – with the ability to add further capacity to address future growth.

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Reduce Travel Times

More people using public transit means fewer vehicles on the road, which will help to keep people and goods moving.

Travel time from Langley City Centre to King George SkyTrain Station is projected to be approximately 22 minutes, with trains departing every 6-8 minutes during peak times. This is more than 25 minutes faster than current local bus service, and more than 10 minutes faster than express bus service in the corridor.

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Improve Reliability

With grade-separated tracks, travel times remain consistent. TransLink's on-time performance rate for SkyTrain is 95% or better!

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Improve Road Safety and Congestion

Increasing rapid transit options helps to improve road safety and congestion by reducing automotive vehicle kilometres travelled and increasing sustainable travel mode share.

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Increase Access to Opportunities and Housing

More transit options provide more choice for commuters to help them move around the region.

The project will connect Surrey Metro Centre, Fleetwood Town Centre, and Langley Regional City Centre with rapid transit, connecting people to more housing, employment, schools, and services, and encouraging higher-density mixed-use development uses around SkyTrain stations.

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Support Healthy Communities and Environment

SkyTrain runs on electricity with no operating emissions, reducing greenhouse gases and the region's dependency on fossil fuels by replacing diesel bus service with an electric service.

Most transit trips involve walking or cycling at the start and end of journeys. Active transportation supports improved public health outcomes, including associated reductions in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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Support Economic Development

Major transit infrastructure projects help grow our economy by spurring development and land-use change and creating diverse job opportunities.

The project will support economic development by improving access to employment and educational opportunities, improving efficiencies for businesses to get their goods to market, increasing business access to the region's labour force, and driving innovation by an increase in competition among companies.


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